Personalized and premium service

Our priority is to offer you the most appropriate and right advice tailored to your specific requirements. We are committed to delivering a high standard of service which demonstrates our culture of professionalism, dedication and integrity.

We offer a personally delivered and customized financial planning, investment advisory & management and consulting service, developing bespoke solutions to build, grow and protect your assets.

A broad range of solutions for all your financial needs: We specialize in all areas of financial advice and management in order to help you in all stages of your life. We offer flexible service options for individual needs. As your needs change so can our service to you.


Our advice and associated technical expertise can help you with your investments, tips covering Equity tips, Future tips, Nifty tips, Nifty Options tips, Stock Option Tips, MCX Gold Tips, tax planning, retirement planning, children's education & marriage planning, estate and succession planning etc. However, complex your financial situation, our experts will be able to provide an appropriate solution to meet your needs. The professionals you deal with Shivshakti Enterprises highly experienced, skilled and act in your best interests.

Portfolio management

If you are a mid to long term equity market investor who believes in disciplined wealth creation from stock market, Portfolio Advisory Services is “The Right Choice” for you. Unlike traditional Portfolio Management Services, Shivshakti Enterprises is non-discretionary in nature – thus keeping you in complete control of your stocks & money while you seek professional advice.

Portfolio Advisory Services strongly believes that every investors is unique – in terms of risk profile, equity investment style, return expectations from market, holding capacity etc. And so is his portfolio – in terms of number of stocks, relative weight-age among different stocks & sectors, time of entry & impact of volatility. Thus Shivshakti Enterprises provides custom made advice on restructuring your existing portfolio & fresh recommendations that best suit the “Investor in You”.

Types Of Portfolio management:

Active Portfolio Management:

As the name suggests, in an active portfolio management service, the portfolio managers are actively involved in buying and selling of securities to ensure maximum profits to individuals.

Passive Portfolio Management:

In a passive portfolio management, the portfolio manager deals with a fixed portfolio designed to match the current market scenario.

Discretionary Portfolio management services:

In Discretionary portfolio management services, an individual authorizes a portfolio manager to take care of his financial needs on his behalf. The individual issues money to the portfolio manager who in turn takes care of all his investment needs, paper work, documentation, filing and so on. In discretionary portfolio management, the portfolio manager has full rights to take decisions on his client’s behalf.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio management services:

In non-discretionary portfolio management services, the portfolio manager can merely advise the client what is good and bad for him but the client reserves full right to take his own decisions.